Parents Association

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Who are we and what do we do

Welcome to the Parents Association at St.Brigids Girls school.

Every parent with a child in the school is automaticaly a member of the Parents Association. Unusually this Parents Association is joined with St. Brigids Boys school as many families have children in both schools and there are several joint events that happen during the year.

There are currently just over 1000 children between the two schools with approximately 450 families between both.

On a day-to-day basis however the P.A. are a committee of 20 to 30 people who volunteer their time and skills to help out and support the schools, the children and their families.

We do this when the schools need help and bodies to run their social and fundraising events. Many also give their knowledge freely in areas of IT, building issues, etc. and in supporting the Garden Committee at the girls school.

Each school has it’s own Chairperson and we have a Quorum Committee of 6 people who work closely with them and the Principals. There are several Sub-Commitees who keep contact with the Class Co-ordinators to help run the fundraising events, support the Communion, Confirmation, Graduation, Garden Day and new Junior Infants events, work with the Road Safety Campaign or run information or social nights out.

The Committee host a monthly meeting, usually on the second Wednesday of the month, in the boys school staff-room from 8pm till approximately 9pm. The meeting is open to any parent to come along and listen, ask questions, join in or just observe.

The AGM for the Assocaiotion is held in Oct/Nov every year where you can come along and hear what’s been happening and the plans for the following year while enjoying a glass of wine or a soft drink.

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Class Co-ordinators

What exactly is a Class Co-ordinator and what do they do?

Every year when a new class of Junior Infants starts school we approach the parents to see if a couple of them are willing to be the Class Co-ordinators for the Parents Association. Generally Class Co-ordinators volunteer for a year or two and then the role passes to someone else.

The role involves maintaining the Class Contact List of all parents’ names, mobile no’s and email addresses within your class, welcoming any new parents joining your class and getting their info onto the list, and also ensuring they get a copy of the contact list.

The contact list is hugely beneficial as your children make friends and you wish to arrange play-dates and parties as well as receive information from the Parents Association about things you might like to know that are coming up in the schools.

The role also involves spreading the word when the schools are looking for helpers at school or fundraising events through word of mouth and by emailing fellow class parents. They also arrange the odd social event, parents’ night out or coffee morning which encourages good communication and relationships within the class community.

The role does not involve much time commitment. It is purely an administrative and social function.

There is no requirement to attend meetings, volunteer at school events or any other commitment unless you would like to, though it is beneficial to go along to one P.A. meeting if only to see what goes on.

The role does not involve making representations to the teacher or school regarding any individual issues parents might have.  Parents are encouraged to discuss any concerns relating to their children directly with the teacher or Principal.

I hope you will consider becoming a class co-ordinator. Children love to see their parents getting involved and it makes such a difference to them, the Parents Association and the school community.

If you are interested in taking on this role or have been doing it for a couple of years now and would like to pass it to another person please contact the school office at 01 2847422.