School Road Rules

All parents like to rest easy in the knowledge that their children when in school or out of sight are safe and sound but this very often isn’t the case when children are being dropped and collected at the school gates.

Responsibility for ensuring the children are safe getting to and from school lies in the hands of all parents and drivers using these roads.

During the day these roads are quiet and calm but at drop off and collection time it’s a totally different story.

As parents and drivers, think how you might feel if anything happened to your child on their way to school. Then think how you would feel if your actions caused harm to another child on their way to school. These are not thoughts and feelings that anyone would want to become their reality.

Listed below are the most common issues that occur outside the school. Most of these items bring penalty points or fines and many parents have been issued with these:

  • Parking and leaving a car or pulling up on and remaining in your car on double yellow lines.
  • Pulling in at the school gate instead of using the set down areas.
  • Reversing out of or turning a car around in the school gate.
  • Parking and waiting in your car in the set down areas to collect children.
  • Parking in the set down area and leaving a car unattended.
  • Parking contraflow to the traffic in the set down area.
  • Driving faster than is safe.

Here is how you can help keep these roads safe for the children:

  • Use the set down areas properly: pull in, let your child out and leave safely without stopping for any longer than is necessary.
  • Use the little roundabout to exit this area safely.
  • Use Cabinteely Park or Tesco carpark if necessary.
  • Expect children to run out in front of you to cross the road.
  • Be vigilant when in the vicinity of the school and drive appropriately.
  • Never pull up or park on the double yellows.
  • Never block or park and leave your vehicle in the set down areas.
  • Drop older children off at the set down area by the post box where they can use the 2 lollipop ladies to get to school safely.
  • As a matter of courtesy don’t peoples driveways.
  • Expect potential hazards every time and be ready for them.

Please Visit the RSA website for more information