Halloween Fun at St. Brigid’s

We had a very spooky time in the lead-up to Halloween! The girls all looked wonderful on the day of midterm in their various costumes!

Ms. Barr’s 5th Class
Mr. Cronin’s 4th Class
Ms. Breathnach’s 4th Class
Ms. Burke’s Junior Infants
Ms. Campbell’s 2nd Class
Ms. Gillan’s 6th Class
Ms. Gorman’s 5th Class
Ms. Joyce’s 2nd Class
Ms. Kavanagh’s Junior Infants
Ms. Kilmartin’s Senior Infants
Ms. McDonnell’s 1st Class
Ms. Morris’s 3rd Class
Ms. Culloty’s Senior Infants
Ms. Kelly’s 4th Class

We were also lucky to have had Halloween activities prepared for us by the Active Schools Committee. The girls had loads of fun trying each activity!

Ms. Campbell’s 2nd Class made some sticky slime to get into the Halloween mood!

Ms. Joyce’s 2nd Class went on a maths trail which they all loved!

Ms. Kavanagh’s Senior Infants played a more modern version of the traditional snap apple Halloween game!