January’s News

We welcomed in a new year and all our girls back to school at the start of January. Have a look at all the different things we did!

Welcoming 2022!

As is tradition, we welcomed a new year and were excited at all the possibilities a new year can bring. We wrote resolutions and discussed our hopes for 2022.

Ms. Quinn’s 4th Class
New Year Scratch Art by Ms. Morris’ 3rd Class
New Art & Resolutions by Ms. Joyce’s 2nd Class
Collaborative New Year Art by Mr. Cronin’s 4th Class
Inspiring Words by the Upper Corridor for 2022

The Great Wave off Kanagawa

The 6th Classes studied ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’ by the Japanese artist Hokusai created in 1830. They tried their hand at their own interpretation of this famous artwork and did an amazing job!

Science in 4th Class

The 4th classes have been busy this month conducting various science experiments. One of these, The Egg Drop Challenge, turned out to be a cracking success!

Active Maths in 1st Class

Sometimes the best way to learn about length is to go out and measure. Ms. McDonnell’s 1st Class did just that when they took their metre sticks, metre strings and trundle wheels to the yard. They enjoyed estimating and measuring the length of the yard. They really went the distance!

Artwork around the School

Wonderful art pieces by Ms. Joyce’s 2nd Class
Hot Air Balloon Art by Ms. Quinn’s 4th Class

Garden News

The 4th Classes have been looking at the wheat to flour process. They saw how grain gets ground down into flour and had a go at turning the mill!

Tasty Maths

2nd Class were learning about different 3D shapes and constructed their own shapes from tooth picks and marshmallows!