October’s News

October was a short but busy month for us all! Have a look at some of the activities we did.

Mental Health Awareness Week

We celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week from the 4th-8th October. Each day, the girls focused on a different aspect of their mental health:

Positive Self-Talk

Trying New Things

Minding our Minds


Feeling Good

We created a ‘Gratitude Wall’ which the whole school contributed to. The entire school also practiced ‘What a Wonderful World’ by Louis Armstrong which we performed outside on the school yard. It truly was a wonderful world listening to their beautiful singing! We also tried meditating, self-affirmations, yoga and mindfulness to help our mental health and stay positive.

Cycle Safety

The 5th Classes have spent the past few weeks practicing cycle safety. They have brought their bikes and helmets with them each week to ensure they know how to use their bikes safely on our often unsafe roads.

Wheat Threshing

The 4th classes were busy in the school garden once again! After harvesting their wheat in September, it was time to start preparing it. The girls separated the grain from the chaff by threshing it. The girls learnt how Irish farmers would thresh the wheat in the past and found out it was a very energetic activity! They bashed their wheat in a bucket with a stick. Afterwards, they could see the pieces of grain they will need to make flour.

Hedgehogs in Junior Infants!

The Junior Infants were very creative by making their own hibernating hedgehogs out of clay. The girls made some nests for their hedgehogs. They made play-dough worms, snails and slugs for the hedgehogs to eat in preparation for their winter hibernation.

Great Achievements

We were delighted to hear last year when Holly Lawlor in 6th Class won a place in the final volume of stories in ‘Young Storykeepers’, a compilation of stories written by children all around Ireland. This competition was hosted by ‘Great Lighthouses of Ireland’. These stories were written during the initial Covid lockdown. Holly’s story was also narrated and made into a video which you can see below. Now we found out that Holly will shortly be heading into RTE to record the story herself! We are all very excited for the final product!

We were delighted to hear that Emily Hambardzumyan in 5th Class won a highly sought after certificate of commendation in the famous Texaco Children’s Art Competition! Emily astounds her class with her wonderful artistic skills every day and we are exceptionally proud and delighted that her artistic skills have been equally valued at a national level too!

4th Class Projects

The 4th Class girls made some wonderful projects about Japan. They learnt many new facts about Japan and even learnt some Japanese in the process! They also tried their hand at some STEM challenges such as making the tallest tower possible from paper!

Halloween Infant Art

Have a look at some of the wonderful Halloween art created by the infant classes!