Green School Flag

In preparation for our next Green Flag, the committee surveyed 2nd to 6th classes with regards to perceptions about litter and our school. Fourth to sixth classes were surveyed about global awareness. The results of the surveys are below. Our next task is to formulate an action plan based on the results of the surveys and to enact that plan in the school year 2017-2018.

Do we have a litter problem in our school building? Yes: 51% No: 49%
Do we have a litter problem in our yards? Yes: 84% No: 16%
Do we have a litter problem in our classrooms? Yes: 27% No: 73%


Do you recycle everything you can? Always: 39% Sometimes: 60% Never: 1%
Does your family give unwanted items to charity shops? Always: 48% Sometimes: 46% Never: 6%
Does your family take part in community clean-ups? More than twice a year: 3% Less than twice a year: 16% Never: 81%
Hove you had a food or drink from Africa, Asia or South America this week? Yes: 64% No: 22% I don’t know: 14%
Does your family buy Fairtrade products? Yes: 64% No: 3% I don’t know: 33%
Does your family buy food grown by local farmers? Yes: 40% No: 14% I don’t know: 46%
How often do you fundraise for charity? More than twice a year: 52% Less than twice a year:35% Never: 13%
Do you think you have anything in common with someone living in a poorer part of the world? Yes: 43% No: 8% I don’t know: 49%
Have you ever written to a newspaper /a politician about something you believe in? Yes: 6% No: 94%