Student Council 2016/2017


The St. Brigid’s GNS Student Council was established in September 2013

Student councils have long been an intrinsic part of secondary schools but the concept is quite new and necessarily different in Primary schools.

The aim of St. Brigid’s student council is to promote the well fare and wellbeing of all the children in our school.

To this end the student council focusses its attention on improving the social, physical and mental wellbeing of our pupils.

In a typical year the council could discuss and promote such topics as friendship, road safety, healthy lunches, physical activity, inclusion, yard activities, reading and cultural diversity.

Student councillors discuss the issues, aided by their teacher facilitator and then report back to their own classes and their junior partner class.

During the year the student councillor’s job is to promote student council activities and projects and encourage participation at all levels in the school. In a packed curriculum this can be challenging but the girls do a wonderful job in highlighting issues and promoting and encouraging involvement from all classes.

Below you can read some of the comments the girls made about their year on the student council.


Rachel Kavanagh

This was my first year in St. Brigid’s and I loved being on the Student Council.

Alice O’ Connell

I liked being on the Student Council because I liked doing the activities with our partner class.

Úna O’ Grady

I liked doing the “inclusion” posters best and designing the Christmas jumpers.

Keva O’Hanlon

I’ll be sad to leave the Student Council but I have amazing memories of it. Some of my favourites were when we held a design your own Christmas jumper competition, when we held a friendship week and had inclusion activities such as paying someone a compliment. I loved the teddy bear’s picnic with the 2nd classes.

Nicole Ryan

My favourite part of Student Council was the meetings. At the meetings we worked as a team together. We told everyone our ideas and worked collaboratively.

Kate Grennan and Molly Scannell

We enjoyed Student Council because we organised lots of activities for the school. We enjoyed friendship week and skipping week best. It was great fun.

Paula Mdimela

I enjoyed Student Council because we learned lots about our school. We had tons of fun and made new friends.

Abby Martin

I loved Student Council because I made friends with two girls from Ms. Burke’s class.

Jorja Long

The thing that I enjoyed most about Student Council was that it was a great way to make new friends. We did so many activities with our partner class and I really enjoyed making all the posters and designing the Christmas jumper.

Millie Downes

My favourite part of Student Council was “Cultural Diversity Week”. I loved learning about other people’s backgrounds. It was so interesting.

Eva Monaghan and Ella Baber

I liked doing the activities with Ms. E. Walsh’s class. We taught them how to skip and we helped them with Irish dancing.

Nabeeha Malik

I loved conveying the information from our meetings to our own class and partner class. This made us feel very grown up. There were often entertaining competitions and chances to design posters, both of which were a great success amongst all the students.

Anna Sewell

I loved my time on Student Council because it has allowed me to help make the school a better place. We all got badges and there were competitions with prizes to win. Many classes have got much fitter with fitness competitions. My class helped junior infants with reading.

Zehra Bari

I enjoyed Student Council because I made new friends and I learned lots about the school. Everyone was really nice and I had fun.

Ava Hand

I really enjoyed being on the Student Council because I got to help solve problems in the school. I had a voice to report class issues. My favourite project was Skipping week.

Grace Kelly

I really enjoyed sharing ideas with other classes. I think being a student councillor helps you to work better on a team. I also enjoyed doing the activities with our own class and our partner class.