What is the mobile phone policy?

● The Parents’ Association has agreed a ‘Smart Phone Code of Practice’ which can be read by clicking this link
● Pupils from 3rd – 6th class only may bring mobile phones to school. Children in infants to second class should not bring phones to school.
● Mobile phones are brought to school entirely at pupils’ own risk.
● They must be switched off at all times on the school premises and handed to the class teacher in the morning. They will be stored in a secure location in the school and returned to the girls at home time. They should only be switched on once off the school premises.
● Making or receiving calls or text messages during school hours is not permitted. Any necessary calls to or from a child in school should be made through the landline phone situated in the secretary’s office.
● The use of mobile phones by staff for essential calls should be kept to a minimum. They should be taken/made in an area where pupils are not present and outside class time.