November Update

RTÉ Filming We had such an exciting day when RTÉ filmed their promo commercial for the Late Late Toy Show. Some of our girls got the chance to partake in the filming and it was wonderful to see the advert on the TV afterwards.  STEAM Robotics The school got a wonderful display of robotics from STEAM robotics with the highlight being the robotic dog! Soccer Mr. Tierney’s 5th Class have embraced soccer as a class and have been practicing their …

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RTÉ Filming Day

There was huge excitement at the news that RTÉ had approached the school to film their promo commercial for the Late Late Toy Show. Speer Productions arrived early to set up their cameras and lights. 20 girls had been chosen by lottery to partake as extras in the filming along with other children from outside the school. Look at the ‘behind the scenes’ photos from the day along with a very special announcement from the host himself, Patrick Kielty.