Will my child get homework?

Yes. The aims of giving homework are as follows:
● To benefit student learning
● To reinforce work done in class
● To develop study skills
● To promote a similar approach to homework
across all classes
● To strengthen links between home and school
Suggested length of time:
● Infants:10 minutes
● 1st and 2nd: 20-30 minutes
● 3rd and 4th: 35-45 minutes
● 5th and 6th: 45-60 minutes
Expected homework format by class:
● Junior Infants – Occasional, informal oral work
● Senior Infants – Reading & Regular worksheets
● 1st and 2nd Classes – Reading, Spellings, Tables
& Regular written work
● 3rd and 4th Classes – Reading, Spellings, Tables,
Maths & Regular written work
● 5th and 6th Classes – Reading, Spellings, Tables,
Maths, Oral learning & Regular written work
Your child may also use ICT to complete their homework from time to time. Children from Infants – 3rd Class may use Seesaw while children from 4th-6th Class may use Google for Education.
● Pupils have a responsibility to ensure they have taken down and have the necessary books etc. for homework.
● If pupils have a problem with the homework, they should make the teacher aware of this as soon as possible.
● Parents have a role in establishing a routine for homework – place and time. Preventing interruptions is vital.
● Parents should monitor homework appropriately in consultation with the class teacher.