November Update

RTÉ Filming

We had such an exciting day when RTÉ filmed their promo commercial for the Late Late Toy Show. Some of our girls got the chance to partake in the filming and it was wonderful to see the advert on the TV afterwards. 

STEAM Robotics

The school got a wonderful display of robotics from STEAM robotics with the highlight being the robotic dog!


Mr. Tierney’s 5th Class have embraced soccer as a class and have been practicing their skills! 

Science Week

Science Week took place during November and many classes took a greater look at science and tried different experiments. Below, the 6th classes researched famous female scientists and Senior Infants made mazes for ping pong balls! 

6th Class study WWII

The 6th classes have been studying the Second World War and its terrible impact on world history. They have also been studying the war through novels and artwork to fully understand the complexities of this dark chapter.